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We believe that face-to-face communication has the power to shape businesses, create unbreakable company culture, and empower a collaborative team.

About Us

Who We Are ?

We are TIC New York, a marketing agency located in the heart of the busiest city in America: New York City. We specialize in event marketing and promotions with customized marketing campaigns representing our clients. Our professional sales and marketing teams, deliver an exciting and personalized customer experience. A person-to-person marketing approach creates enthusiastic customers which strengthens brand awareness and loyalty. This in-turn gives a greater return on investment for our clients.

Data tracking

Pin point accurate tracking for strategic moves in the marketing industry.

brand management

Building a loyal, growing, client base. The world will know your name.


Finding a new strategy is our mission. We want to use the tools that work and create new openings!


The TIC Approach

We provide a comprehensive approach in order to deliver the best results for our client portfolio.

Attention to Detail

We develop detail-oriented, demographic specific campaigns in order to provide rapid measurable engagement.

Creative Ideals

Innovative promotional campaigns are our specialty.


Our approach to brand proliferation can help your company stay competitive with continuous consumer acquisition.


Our ability to create customer lifetime value for our clients and provide a long lasting high return on investment separates us from the competition.


Some friends have made while working together.

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